ABA Cooltrans participated in the Vietfish Seafood Ehibition 2017

On August 29 - 31, ABA Cooltrans participated in the Vietfish Seafood Ehibition 2017 with more than 350 enterprises, including the participation of foreign companies from 15 countries such as China, Korea and Taiwan. , Germany, Japan, Malaysia. With a total of 362 booths, the exhibition area is divided into four areas: a seafood display area, a display area for equipment and machinery, a display area for aquaculture products and a display area for products. other assistance.


Over the past 19 years, Vietfish has become a reliable destination for seafood companies in the region and the world to meet and meet with each other to seek opportunities for cooperation and development. This year, Vietfish is organized more and more professionally to achieve its goal of becoming the largest seafood fair in Asia and deserves to be a global brand in the coming years.

As an exhibitor, ABA has brought its brand closer to local partners and many foreign companies. These customers, when visiting, they are very impressed with the style and layout of the booth. Also, do not forget to write down your contact information so that you can work with ABA Cooltrans on cold logistics services and cold storage services in Hanoi. As a result, ABA has established many relationships with domestic and foreign customers as well as exhibitors such as Hung Ca, Minh Phu, FATIFISHCO, Caseamex, etc. In addition, ABA's sales staff is very enthusiastic to customers to help customers understand the product as well as know the precise needs of transportation needs of partners.


If you are interested in our cold chain services, please contact:

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