Cold storage

With 17 cold rooms with the capacity up to 15,000 pallets, 2500m2 ante room for distribution operation. ABA is able to provide cold storage service for any volume of chilled and frozen products with a wide range of temperature from -25oC to +22oC.

Services at ABA cold storage include:

Cold storage service in Ho Chi Minh

Cold storage in Ho Chi Minh City is located in Tan Tao Industrial Park with a capacity of 30,000 pallets, 8 large cold rooms. Storage temperature frame from -25 to 25 Celsius degree car depending on customer requirements. The warehouse has a large buffer and is maintained at a temperature of 5-10 Celsius degree to ensure safety for the goods during operation.
In particular, the warehouse location is located about 10km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, suitable for distributing goods to the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Cold storage service in Ha Noi

Customers can opt to rent pallet space or whole chambers with tailored services at your request of temperature and humidity for each type of products.

Distribution service

ABA cold storage can play the role of a distribution center for customers who have the need to distribute wholesale or retail their products to the market.

Our storage is designed for the aim of distribution. The ante-room is tailored with suitable temperature with the assurance to maintain the products’ temperature during distribution despite outside temperature. We currently provide distribution center service for supermarket and hypermarket chains as well as many other retailers in Vietnam.

With a variable number of docks and spacious transshipment area, ideal location and a team of experienced staffs with decades of experience in cold chain profession, we are proud to be able to meet the strictest requirements from customers concerning quality, quantity, specifications of any hypermarkets.

The distribution activities are well organized and implemented at customer’s request, adjacent to your own need and purpose with close monitoring of procedure, temperature and products’ quality.

Cross-docking service

Through cross docking distribution, products destined for a similar (or the same) endpoint can be consolidated into one shipment and transported as a full load, reducing overall distribution costs and reducing environmental impact. We offer customized cross docking solutions to suit our customers’ needs; transporting goods into our cross-dock warehouses to check, unload and pick and pack shipments into new loads intended for single or multiple destinations.

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Value-added services

ABA provides following main value-added services:

Blast freezing service

At ABA cold storage, we have enough knowledge and extensive experiences to safely freeze and defrost different types of products catering seasonal distribution purpose all year round. Blast freezing is the best way to ensure food hygiene because, in a blast freezer, the extremely cold temperature promotes very rapid freezing, which creates small ice crystals inside products. The smaller the crystals, the less damage to the food as large crystals can rupture cells.

ABA cold storage has the capability to provide blast freezing service with 7 ton per time at the temperature below -40 C degree. After being frozen, products can be stored in our cold storage at a suitable temperature.

Other value-added services

ABA cold storage provides other value-added services to customer, meet all the needs of business activities, including

  • Loading/unloading
  • Printing, labeling, package replacement
  • International standard inspection area
  • Office for lease at the warehouse>
  • Forwarding service, and container transportation from port and factory
  • Veterinary quarantine procedures
  • Weighting, picking and sporting goods
  • Packing and repackaging
  • Single put-away at customer request including daily picking
  • Other services at customers’ request

If you are interested in our cold chain services, please contact:

Business Department

Hotline: 0918 140 440